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Installation Assistance, Testing & Commissioning 

MCPeServices assist in every single step of your project. Our service provides project management from installation assistance, Start-up of equipment, site Acceptance Test, Commissioning and Completion certificates as per customer satisfaction with professional way of working. Commissioning a power protection equipment with experienced field engineer helps ensure your extensive warranty remains valid.

MCP’s qualified and specialised engineers can meet the most demanding requests whether in the most demanding requests whether in harsh environment and/or Oil or Gas, Chemical, power plants, General industry with fully compiled safety standards.


Installing an uninterruptible power supply is an excellent way to protect critical systems. However, it is no guarantee of continual power as UPS components and UPS batteries are not properly maintained. A planned program of preventive Maintenance should always be considered as an essential part of any standby power protection system.

Preventative maintenance is an important part of our service. Spotting future faults and identifying potential failures is important for the smooth operation of power protection Equipment.

Maintenance Services include:

  • Visual Inspections
  • Voltage Recording
  • Current Recording
  • Vacumming
  • Cleaning
  • Waveform Recording
  • Calibration
  • Transfer Function Checks
  • Load Bank Testing
  • Air filter Replacement
  • Load Bank Testing
  • AC and/or DC Capacitor Replacement
  • Performance Certification


Inverter Maintenance, Refurbishment & Repair

MCPeServices also offer Refurbishment / Retrofit works for different manufactures equipment’s. Customized Retrofit makes maximum re use of existing equipment and it is more economical than new installation. At the same time backup power system got upgraded to the latest technology ,spare availability of long time, increasing functionality, improving reliability and safety. Our recommendations are designed to rectify or improve your current back-up power infrastructure as quickly and as cost effectively as possible.

We offer the option of both in and out of normal working hours to suit your requirements and can offer remedial works to be undertaken at any time of the day or night whether offer. Our services include : 


UPS/BC Battery Replacements

Fan Changes

Capacitor Replacements

UPS Replacements

On site repairs

Battery Installation, Maintenance & Replacement

Batteries are the most important aspect of an Uninterruptible power supply. Battery provides the power in the event of a mains failure. An old or badly maintained battery set could affect the autonomy time of your uninterruptible power supply and result in a massive problem should get you a mains failures.

Our Battery Service include Lead Acid and Ni cd Batteries:

Battery Charging and Discharge Test

Cell, Block Voltages and Ripple Current Measurement

Battery Acid/Electrolyte filling Supervision and cell top-up

Specific Gravity checks | Cleaning and Greasing

Thermal imaging | Battery Impedance Testing

Battery Discharge Testing

MCPeServices provides Battery discharge test with DC Load Bank to check the actual performance of the battery to assure smooth operation of AC/DC UPS.

Load bank testing provides information on a battery’s autonomy at the time of the test, as well as the integrity of all the electrical interconnections. The test is carried out with a device, the load bank, which develops an electrical load, applies the load to the battery system and converts or dissipates the resultant power output of the source.

Upon completion of a load bank test, system performance is determined using measurements taken individual cell voltage during discharge and also, we will provide a comprehensive report of findings. The test is useful for identifying individual cell performance/faults with UPS systems prompting immediate actions to be taken to facilitate its efficiency.

Battery Impedance Testing

The internal resistance of a battery is made up of two components: electrical or ohmic, resistance and ionic resistance. Electrical Resistance is a measure of opposition to current flow due to internal factors such as electrode surface area and electrolyte conductivity.

Internal ohmic values (AC resistance) can be useful as a trending tool and can help to indicate the overall health of a battery being measured.

A lower internal resistance generally indicates a higher capacity; therefore, an increase in internal resistance over-time can indicate declining battery capacity or degradation. Measuring the trend over-time will indicate which cells are weakest, or abnormal. It is important to note, however, that internal resistance varies between different batteries and battery manufacturers.

Replacing a whole battery string is a costly exercise. A preventative annual  battery impedance check will test each individual cell within the string. This can identify any weak or failing individual unit, leading to a much lower replacement cost.

ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch)

An automatic transfer switch (ATS) is a crucial component in electrical systems. It ensures seamless switching between power sources, such as the main grid and a backup generator, during power outages or fluctuations.

ATS automatically detects power loss from the primary source and instantly transfers the load to the secondary source. When the primary power is restored, it switches back to the main grid.

ATS finds Applications in:

  • Industrial Plants
  • Hospitals
  • Data Centers


Transition Modes:

  • Open Transition (OT): The usual type where there’s a brief interruption during switching.
  • Closed Transition (CT): Provides seamless switching without interruption.


Close Control Unit

Close Control Unit (CCU), also known as a Precision Air
Conditioner, Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC), or Server Room Air Conditioner, plays a critical role in maintaining precise environmental conditions for sensitive equipment.
Features and Benefits:
o Precise Temperature Control: CCUs ensure stable temperatures to safeguard sensitive equipment.
o Compact and Space-Saving: These units are designed to fit in limited spaces.
o Low Energy Consumption: Energy-efficient operation.
o Environmentally Friendly: Optimized for low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerants

Water Leak Detection Systems

A water leak detection system is an essential safeguard against costly water
damage. These systems monitor water flow and promptly alert you to leaks,
allowing you to take preventive action.
o A leak detection system continuously scans water flow through pipelines.
o When abnormal behavior (such as unexpected water flow) is detected, the
system takes action.
o It shuts off the water supply to your entire household by closing a valve within
the leak detector.



Industry Applications:
o Data Centers: Critical for preventing damage to servers and
o Banks and Mission-Critical Facilities: Protect valuable assets.
o Modern Buildings: Vital for early notification of leaks


A generator is a remarkable device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. Its purpose is to supply electricity in situations where there is no access to the grid or when the grid is unavailable or unstable.


MCP provides sales, repair & maintenance for all types of generators
Our Generator Services also includes:

Regular Inspections and Preventive Maintenance

Fluid Checks and Replacements

Battery Inspection and Testing

Load Bank Testing

Control Panel Verification

Fuel and Air Filter Replacement

Exhaust System Inspection

Emergency Reparis

Annual Maintenance Contract

An Annual Maintenance Contract is an agreement between a service provider and a client for the maintenance of a product or service for a set period of time. The supplier is bound under this contract to offer maintenance and repair services to the client as needed, and the client pays a fixed charge for these services.

AMC Contract includes services such as :

  • Regular maintenance: regular maintenance tasks such as cleaning, lubrication, and inspection.
  • Repairs and replacements: repair services as well as replace any defective parts.
  • Technical support: technical support to help the customer troubleshoot any issues with the equipment or system
  • Emergency services: in case of any breakdowns or malfunctions that require immediate attention
  • Training: training staff on how to use and maintain the equipment or system.

Data Center Project Management

For ICT, infrastructure, backup power, new or refurbishing project management, or data center Services in UAE, MCP is the go-to choice. We possess ample experience in IT infrastructure project management and have the efficiency to look after the designing,
purchasing, implementing, and commissioning as a reliable turnkey solution. When you partner with us, we efficiently oversee the performances of all the contractors and vendors and communicates them to you regularly, leaving you with peace of mind. Our technical
team will offer you assistance in power and data center planning, gets you all the gadgets you require, and looks after the installation process. Our excellent technical support and equipment service has garnered us a large customer base in UAE.

Why MCP for Data Center Services in UAE ?

In most scenarios, our customers come to us when they have a tight deadline with their data center installation, or when their in-house backup power equipment is under- performing and they do not have sufficient help to upgrade their system. We offer top- notch project management and data center services in UAE, by keeping a single point of contact to avoid inconveniences to our customers.

Extensive Experience

 We have been a part of extensive projects across countless platforms including healthcare, telecommunications. Our excellent expertise in these platforms has enabled us to effectively identify the power supply problems and come with long-term fixes at affordable costs.

Consultation Services

We can assist in performing a site audit and come up with an ideal solution in case you are unsure about the direction to move with your ICT power project. We are fully aware of the questions to be asked and the measures to be taken in order to implement a project
successfully. Once the outline is complete, we will have a detailed discussion with you, and together decide the next step to be taken. Our project consulting services also encompass working closely with your chosen electricians and deciding the best strategies and products to successfully implement the project.

Equipment Sourcing

In our line of work, over the years, we have partnered with exclusive networks of national and international equipment manufacturers, granting us access to top generators, UPS systems, transfer switches, and other backup power gadgets. We are capable of providing brand new products or refurbished equipment, according to your requirements. We also possess the means to purchase and to get rid of old infrastructure tools that no longer serve your purposes. resellers of the brands like APC, GE, LIEBERT, EATON, and more.

Ongoing Support

We offer failsafe infrastructure support and look after your maintenance portfolio for necessary backup power tools. Our dedicated data center serv ices team will effectively
manage all service work, including tracking maintenance intervals, and reports them back to you regularly. We will perform our best to ensure the smooth completion of the designated project.

Happy Customers

As a business owner, maintaining the efficiency of our equipment is crucial to our operations. We’ve been relying on MCP for UPS maintenance services for years, and I can’t emphasize enough how invaluable their support has been. Their team of skilled technicians is not only highly competent but also incredibly responsive. “

Mohammad Gulshan

Partnering with MCP for our data center management needs has been a game-changer for our organization. Their expertise and dedication to excellence have transformed the way we operate our data infrastructure. From optimizing server performance to ensuring robust security measures, MCP’s comprehensive approach to data center management has significantly enhanced our operational efficiency and reliability.

Ehtessham Hussain


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